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the wishful woman

Wishful is a choice for the woman who wants an elevated life.

A life that is more than the ordinary. That allows for finer reflections and a higher consciousness. She knows the difference between good and great.

Her life reflects this wish for rising above and bringing a sense of finesse to everything she does, says or wants. She finds the right balance between conquering the world and finding time for quiet reflections. She knows that she has come this far not by merely accepting whatever was asked of her but by wishing for things her way and then having the will to go after and get it. And that’s what sets her apart.

She looks for the same uncorrupted and unputdownable spirit that has kindled inside her forever. The same spirit that led her to chase the butterfly as she chases her career and ideals of a better world for everyone. The same spirit that makes her chase her dreams - career, life, everything.

So she goes around her days containing within her the spirit that makes her special. And then on some days, that she chooses to be her finest - she makes everyone Wishful for the woman she has always been. And then on some days that are special - she chooses to be her best.

Festivities, office parties, night with friends, cocktails, baby showers and the list is endless. like the list of things she’s wishful of, because, she deserves what she wishes for.